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Customized Jrock Buttons

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So, I like jrock. And I like buttons. But I saw how expensive jrock buttons go for sometimes and I was like O_O So I decided to but a button maker and make cheaper Jrock buttons

So this community is for me to sell jrock buttons or for you to request them.
I can do whatever graphic you want on the buttons (probably) provided you can email me/post a picture of it and it doesn't take anything more that maybe a crop/resize on my part. (I lack in photo manip skills)

buttons are:
-1 1/4 inch
-pin back
-50 cents/each
-shipping is $1-$2 depending on amount. unless you get like, a lot and then we'll see.
-I can accept concealed cash and paypal and maybe postal money order.

you can order by emailing jrock_buttons@yahoo.com or by posting here.

if you have any questions please feel free to ask! ^^